Announcement: In Class Project!

6 Jun

Students, Parents and Guardians,

There will not be any homework assignments from now until the end of the year. HOWEVER, students will be working in class on a group country research project. With a few exceptions, most of the research and group work will be done in school.

In groups, students are dividing up tasks that will need to be done at home. These tasks are listed below:

POSTER: (due June 11)

You will need to bring a poster into class to work on. Who in your group will be responsible for bringing this to school by Monday, June 11th? _______________________________________

RECIPE: (food brought to school on June 15th)

Your food and culture person will share a number of recipes that represent the culture of your country. As a group, decide on one or two of these recipes to make at home and bring in to class on June 15th. Decide on two people to make and bring this food to school: ___________________ and ____________________.

PICTURES (due June 12th)

Your poster needs pictures! Decide who will be responsible for drawing pictures and/or printing them out at home. These need to be completed by June 12th.

_________________________ and _____________________________


I will also be posting links to sites that students might want to navigate at home!

Ms. Connelly


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