Homework (due 1.15): Finish Study Guide

14 Jan


Please complete the following study guide for homework. Tomorrow you will have a quiz that covers what we learned last week.

The following might also help you study for the quiz:

1. Government in Imperial China presentation (you should have Cornell Notes on this presentation)

2. Last Week’s Vocabulary:

Imperial (adj): Of or relating to an empire

Bureaucracy (n): The administrative structure of a large or complex organization

Meritocracy (n): Government of power led by people selected on the basis of their ability

Aristocracy (n): The highest class in certain societies, especially those holding titles or offices

Civil Service (n): the service responsible for the public administration of the government of a country

Scholar-Official (n): an educated member of China’s government who passed a series of written examinations

Reunify (v): Restore political unity to (a divided place or group)

Disunity (n): Lack of unity


Ms. Connelly


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