Homework (due 8.30): Signed Parent/Guardian Letter

26 Aug

Dear Students,

Welcome back to school!!!

Today you received a parent/guardian letter telling you about the expectations for my classroom. Please read this letter at home with your parent/guardian and get it signed.

The signed portion of this letter is due this Friday, August 30th. However, I will accept the assignment any day this week.

Ms. Connelly


2 Responses to “Homework (due 8.30): Signed Parent/Guardian Letter”

  1. Robbins, Laurie M August 26, 2013 at 4:10 pm #

    I have tried to unsubscribe several times now and cannot…please unsubscribe me

    Laurie M. Robbins
    Major Account Executive, Integrated Solutions Group
    Work: 916-673-5063
    Cell: 510-847-7887
    [Windstream Communications]

    • courtneyfc August 26, 2013 at 4:13 pm #

      Hi Laurie,

      You should be able to unsubscribe through the email that gets sent to you. At the bottom, there is an unsubscribe button. I am unable to unsubscribe on my end.

      Ms. Connelly

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