Homework (due 11.7): Letter to the Emperor

5 Nov


Please complete your letter to the editor (see below) by Thursday. Also, don’t forget that you have a current event article and notes due this Friday!

Ms. Connelly

DIRECTIONS: Pretend you are a foreigner, scholar or aristocrat who is looking for a government job in Imperial China. Write a three paragraph letter trying to convince the emperor to hire you. You may type this letter or write it on a piece of binder paper.

Paragraph 1: Introduce yourself, explain who you are (aristocrat, scholar or foreigner) and the type of job that you would like.

Paragraph 2: State that you believe that a person like yourself is the best for this job. Give three reasons (RAPs) to support your claim. Make your letter personal by adding fictious details. For example, if you are a scholar you might write, “You know that scholars have to work hard to pass the civil service exam. You therefore know that I will do whatever it takes to succeed in this position.”

Paragraph 3: Explain why the other types of candidates would not be good for the job.


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