Homework (due 1.28): Finish Vocab

27 Jan


Please finish your vocabulary tonight. Here are this week’s words:

Vassal (n): An agreement between lords & knights that stated that they would protect the land. Knights called their lords “vassals”

Serf (n): a worker in medieval Europe who was tied to the land on which he or she lived

Manor (n): a large estate owned by a knight or lord

Viking (n): Norwegians, and Swedes who raided by sea most of Northern and Western Europe from the 8th to the 11th centuries

Pope (n): the head of the Roman Catholic Church.

Feudalism (n): a system of protection in the middle ages

Formidable (adj): inspiring fear or respect through being impressively large, powerful, intense, or capable

Fief (n): land given to a noble







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